Karen is an expert in her field and always provided an exceptional service to me. I have a history of back problems and she helped me overcome these while also introducing me to new techniques that reduced stress and increased my focus and energy.
Personable, always friendly, and great value for money I would recommend Karen in a heartbeat.

Christopher Nolan

I would thoroughly receommend Karen, she provides a first-class service at very reasonable rates, and is professional and personable at all times. I really only have good things to say about her!

Toby Pearman

Karen offers a very friendly and highly professional service. She is very thorough on taking personal information before explaining and suggesting the best possible treatment. I have had no hesitation at recommending Karen to family and friends.

Sheila Priest

I would certainly recommend Karen for all massage treatments, reflexology and cranial treatment. Karen is very expert in what she does and I would not hesitate in recommending her to work colleagues, which I have done in the past

Janet Barker

I have had treatments from Karen for many years including both sports massage and more recently Craniosacral treatments. In all cases I always come away from treatments feeling so much better. Not only is Karen well trained in a number of treatment techniques e.g. - Massage, Craniosacral therapy, Reflexology but gives advice on posture and exercises to help address any underlying issues. A thoroughly holistic approach and all delivered in such a friendly and positive manner.

David Pomeroy

Karen has provided a fantastic, friendly and beneficial service to AOL staff for many years. Karen and her team are always polite and efficient and show genuine care for their customers. I couldn't imagine AOL without her!

Dominic Shelley

I first met Karen after my osteopath recommended her. Apparently I'd had a problem with my lower back caused by a neck injury. He said my muscles were too tense and that was causing the problem. I have been visiting Karen for a number of years now, and not needed another trip back to the osteopath. Karen has extensive knowledge, as well as technique and I fully trust her approach and value her opinions. There has not only helped maintain my neck/back, but has removed a problem I was having with my Achilles that the doctor recommended steroid injections. I would recommend Karen to anyone, and will continue to use her services myself.

Martin Fowmes

Karen knows her stuff and provides a great tailored service. I always leave feeling more flexible and that my body is in better condition than when I arrived!

Toby Laver

I have used Karen`s services as a sports massagae therapist on many occassions for various injuries. I can honestly say she knows exactly what she is doing and I cannot recommend her enough.

Dinesh Parmar

Karen is always pleasant and provides an excellent service easing away the areas of tension.

Stuart Macdonald

Karen and her team provide a hugely beneficial service. The Team Actuate massages have always been highly rated and had one of the highest take up rates for any of the employee benefits provided. Regular massage made for happier, more comfortable, less stressed employees. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone.

Nity Raj

After suffering with headaches for so long, I found Karen. With visits having deep tissue massage the headaches started to become less frequent and the tightness in my neck and shoulders improving with each visit. Karen is extremely knowledgeable and puts you at ease. With constant headaches you start to worry there is something serious going on, but then Karen makes you realise that this is a very common problem. Money very well spent and headaches are now quite rare.

Debbie Willoughby

I met Karen 8 years ago after she started a treatment room at our international offices. I had previously suffered a bad whiplash injury which together with a stressful job caused me continous neck and upper back pain. After the initial treatments to release my badly knotted muscles followed by weekly 30 minute sessions she kept me virtually pain free. Since retiring last year I have continued to see Karen on a private basis, her custom made cabin is a very comfortable and relaxing environment for treatment. I would and have recommended to family and friends.