Deep tissue/Remedial massage 30/60 minutes

A deep massage to release tight muscles , reduce aches and pains and stiffness. improves circulation and helps remove toxins. Can help prevent and treat injuries from all types of sport or be part of a maintenance regime for anyone to alleviate many common back problems

Symptoms this can relieve

headaches, postural problems, sciatica , muscle spasm , trapped nerves, tendonitis etc

Cranio-sacral Therapy 60 minutes

A very gentle therapy to release restrictions and compressions in the cranium and spine . This works on physical and emotional levels to leave the patient extremely relaxed, calm and balanced, a true holistic therapy.

Symptoms this can relieve

chronic pain, tinnitus, vertigo, mennieres disease, migraines, depression, anxiety, squint, pain, insomnia, jaw, TMJ disorders, hormone imbalances, the effects of car accidents, trauma, stress, adrenal problems, and many other problems related to to the head and spine


During the birth process babies undergo compression and rotational forces to their cranium and spine . these can result in many of common problems.

Symptoms this can relieve

restlessness, difficulty sleeping, colic, pyloric stenosis, vomiting, problems feeding , twists in the neck and spine. I offer a complete baby check up to address any areas of concern.


Extremely gentle therapeutic techniques are used to address many common childhood problems to achieve physical and emotional health

Symptoms this can relieve

Glue ear, low immunity, ADD, poor concentration, eye problems , squint, autism, sinusitis


Uses acupressure points in the feet to stimulate different parts of the body to help achieve balance in the bodies systems and detoxify. Can be particularly helpful for problems such as asthma, headaches, low immunity and digestive problems such as IBS

Aromatherapy Massage

An extremely relaxing and gentle massage with essential oils, These are concentrated plant extracts with many health benefits

symptoms this can relieve

Low immunity, coughs and colds, eczema, many skin problems

Aromatherapy Facials 30 minutes

A soothing face/head scalp and neck massage with essential oils to suit your skin type, can treat many skin problems or just for glowing skin and total relaxation!

Corporate Well Being

As Managing director of Team Actuate Limited, I provide and manage on site complementary therapy services for clients such as Talk Talk ,Yell and AOL. With over 12 years experience we can offer everything from 10 minute massages to a full range of therapies or one off events.

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